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We're mothers and teachers, professionals and community leaders. We are the concerned wives and newly found friends who've come together under dire circumstances as victims and activists.

We are those who have been involved since the beginning, and we will see it to the very end. While "jillyjuice" has infiltrated some of the homes of the sick and desperate, we're committed to preventing anymore harm than what has already come.

Watch a heart felt video for a good cause, and our "theme song" as we fight this strange and despicable person from giving false hope. #jillyjuicekills




If you're here, you may already know what "jillyjuice" is, and are interested in learning more. This website is a collection of evidence and information gathered against Jillian 'MaiThi' Epperly, and her cabbage infused salt water Protocol in an effort to provide quick and easy access for law enforcement and/or other legal entities who wish to pursue prosecution and/or litigation. The vast majority of the information contained herein are posts, comments and publications made by Jillian Epperly herself, and are used under the fair use act of 1976. These are not fabricated accounts, but of actual, past and present claims made by Jillian MaiThi Epperly, the creator of "jillyjuice".

The primary and most dangerous concern relating to and of "jillyjuice" is the salt content. Secondly, the claim that it is a ferment greatly increases the possibility of being made very ill after consuming the liquid. These two things, in combination, make "jillyjuice" particularly dangerous to drink and ineffective at preventing illness or, as Jillian Epperly claims, "reversing cancer, disease, chronic illness". The salt content is a problem for several reasons, but the primary risk is salt poisoning.

The following concerns are in conjunction with salt poisoning: self induced diarrhea leading to dehydration, ingesting microbes and fungus, following her nutritional and health advice without the permission of your physician, manually removing feces and bodily injury by placing the juice is eyes, ears, anus or bellybutton.

The following outrageous and false "benefits" are purported to present themselves after administering the "jillyjuice" in relating orifices:

  • Regrow limbs and organs
  • Living forever
  • Reversing, "healing" or in other words, cure any and all diseases and genetic mutations. From A - Z.

Probiotics can do wonders for some ailments, and have been proven to prevent some other illnesses. But, HER RECIPE IS NOT A FERMENT.

We'll make sure we get you the access to well informed and evidence based information regarding proper fermentation and techniques.


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about proper fermentation, brought to you by Ron S.


Jillian Epperly's "Mission Statement":
"Giving humanity the opportunity to heal 100% relative to their expectation level regardless of their background; all the while understanding intention, outcome and specific measurable results"

It goes on to tell you how you can reverse... Well, everything.

I have a protocol to reverse 100% all of your health issues from A-Z forever vaccinated or not, except for major organ transplant patients and surrogate mothers until they bring the baby to term!! Even if you were never vaccinated, you still were given the Candida/Cancer with virus microbes which trigger allergies, eczema and a low immune system from your parents, not to mention, heart valve issues, etc.

My book/website is going to expose the Holistic Industry, the Allopathic Industry, the Vaccine Industry, Biotech, Academia’s role in brainwashing the world, and the Human Genome Project, government organization allowing them to data store all DNA sequences to find ways to target your body at the cellular level more efficiently to make money off your entire family and friends.

I am going to come up against your beliefs, paradigms and culture even though you just left the western medical industry and switched to the “Holistic Industry”. I circle outside of those two schools of thought, the Holistic Industry/Supplements Industry, which are two sides of the same coin managing illness, via the lab or a bastardized form of mother nature.

Your friends need a basic foundation to work from so they understand the who’s why’s and how’s of my protocol because if they do not understand the basics of what is going on, your friends will not treat this seriously. This is not a pill, powder or shake, this is a protocol with three areas you need to pay attention to because all of those three areas have to be managed effectively simultaneously.

You will find those three areas within this paid exclusive membership website.
— Jillian Epperly, Jilly Juice Creator

Jillian Epperly is a very talented sales person and has exceptional marketing skills. However, her gross intolerance to reality, and subscription to science-fiction, make it upsetting and degrading to those of us who lead professional lives in the customer service industry. Not to mention, it's a double whammy to those of us who also employ real and safe techniques to cleanse the body and eat healthy. Which brings up the next point. Morals and professionalism. 

Jillian has enlisted the powers of social engineering to gain "clients" and convince people into believing her lies by purchasing paid actors and writing false testimonies. We believed Jillian hid behind the idea that the "trolls" were targeting her group members and sending them threatening messages in order to make believable the "anonymous testimonies" frequently posted on her public Facebook timeline. Social engineering is defined as the use of strategic planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behavior of a society.

Let's take a look at Jillian Epperly's business model and how she ties the deception into marketing and winning over the  beliefs of a targeted society. Below are her techniques into convincing people that her " Reverse-all-Protocol" works:

website testimony not me.png
website testimony brst cncr.png
website testimoy not me 1.png

Jillian Epperly is dead set on convincing you that you're infested with parasites and the only way to get rid of them is to drink a gallon of "jillyjuice" everyday. This is DANGEROUS. DO NOT DRINK MORE THAN 1/2c. if you are intending to try "jillyjuice".

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We hope to be a safe haven for those who have been victimized by Jillian Epperly's internet bullying, doxxing and humiliation. Though it is not a crime to make an example of the good people who speak out against lying to the desperate, but it is despicable. The law does not make it illegal, but should delineate and prohibit behavior that is socially abhorrent. Telling a mother she will see her child walk again, or claiming that an injured veteran will regrow a severed limb after drinking "jillyjuice" is horrid. We're going to avenge those who have been hurt, both psychologically and physically by Jillian MaiThi Epperly.

Jillian Epperly knows that her juice is too intense for infants and children. The evidence is collected herein of her offering 'advice' by way of "defense" to the agents of Child Protective Services. Instead of doing the right thing and informing parents to avoid giving her recipe to children, she instructs them on how to 'lie' to CPS, and to hide the act of administering the salty, spoiled cabbage liquid.

website CPS doctor permission  (long).png

We've had many ups and downs related to getting Jillian Epperly off of Facebook. We were once, for a few days, successful at removing her and her insidious content out of the news feeds of those who co-signed to her sci-fi, fantasy beliefs. But, at the end of those few days, she popped right back on line gloating, and I quote, "Ha ha Ha, I'm back on Facebook! You can be all pissy as much as you want, but guess what, I'm back." 

Antics and behavior like this makes it very easy for us, the activists, to discredit her and earn the attention of those who were ALMOST failed victim to her salt water sludge.

We didn't attempt to remove her from Facebook for the fun of it, but for a valid reason. To stop the spread of her misinformation and child endangerment by convincing people her recipe is a ferment. Which, is one of our beliefs as to why her Protocol and recipe is appealing to mothers and ill people.